In a traditional rustic setting at the Arctic Circle, next door to Santa Claus, you’ll find a welcoming little farmyard with reindeer, alpacas, sheep, llamas, goats, rabbits and different birds. You can watch domestic animals in their daily activities under Arctic weather conditions and, best of all, you can pet and feed part of them. Kids love them and they love kids!winter fun –coasting down the little hill on site! All the equipment you need is provided.Guests can use our Lapland hut (kota) and campfire/barbecue. Buy snacks and drinks from the elf’s store.All this is included in the entrance fee. Elf’s Farmyard is located at the Arctic Circle, at the north end of Santa Claus Village – and quite near Santa Claus himself.

No booking is needed for the visits. Tickets for the farm are purchased on in advance tickets for alpaca and reindeer walks and a private visit from our online store by email tallitontunpiha@gmail.comYou are warmly welcome!

Hippu reindeer was born in June 2022